23 Nov
Vos Logistics combines LNG with Ecocombi
  • Vos Logistics to invest in sustainable fleet additions
  • Innovative combination of LNG with Ecocombi
  • Another step in sustainable transport: 60% more volume and 42% lower CO2 emissions

The partnership with Vos Logistics’ client Pipelife is flourishing. 1,5 years down the road of having taken over all of their transport operations, Vos Logistics has added two new LNG Ecocombi trucks to their fleet to meet the companies’ common goals on sustainability and cost efficiency.

The cooperation between Pipelife, one of the largest manufacturers of plastic piping and fittings in Europe and Vos Logistics is still going strong. In January 2016, Pipelife Netherlands transferred all domestic and international transport operations to Vos Logistics as a result of the successful partnership with Pipelife Belgium since 2013. All daily shipments from Enkhuizen to different building sites and retailers are the norm. For this, a wide range of transport equipment has been deployed, including semi-deep loaders, crane trucks for long transport and taut liners.

Despite the fact that there is a constant focus on minimizing empty kilometers, there is also the everlasting aim to make use of LNG trucks whenever possible. LNG makes a positive contribution to both companies’ sustainability goals owing to their lower emission of hazardous substances such as NOx, SOx, particulates and greenhouse gases.

Mark van Loon, Managing Director at Pipelife Benelux: “At Pipelife we are going to great lengths in order to be a trendsetter in the area of sustainability. We are always on the lookout for innovations in technology and plastics, while at the same time lowering our energy consumption when it comes to our processes.”

With an eye on the goals of both companies in terms of sustainability and cost efficiency, Vos Logistics has now added two new LNG Ecocombi trucks to their fleet. “Up until now there was the choice of either one of the two: employing an LNG truck or making use of the Ecocombi for transporting goods. This combination is quite innovative,” Roy van Tilburg, Manager Domestic Transport & Service Deliveries at Vos Logistics explains. “The new additions are exclusively deployed for Pipelife.”, van Tilburg continues.

LNG trucks are responsible for a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 15% compared to diesel trucks. In addition, trucks running on LNG have been equipped to also run on liquefied biogas (LBG) where available, contributing to more sustainable energy consumption and a better living environment. The Ecocombi itself takes up to 60% more volume (145 m3) in one move.

Roy van Tilburg is excited: “Combining the Ecocombi with LNG is a whole new level of engaging in sustainable transport. We are now moving plastic pipes and fittings this way, but of course this also has potential for a wide range of other product areas, such as construction and retail.”

Mark van Loon: “The use of the LNG Ecocombi fits right into our mindset. We are glad to work with a logistics partner that enables us to contribute positively to the environment, while doing business responsibly at the same time.”

17 Oct
9 Tracon LZV combitrains for Macle Logistics


    • Combined deployment of LZV and LNG trucks
  • Increased efficiency and sustainability
  • Possibilities for international deployment

European logistics service provider Vos Logistics,  is expanding its national distribution fleet with 9 LZV combitrains; 3 box trailers and 6 curtain side trailers. This expansion enables Vos Logistics to service clients better and more efficiently. The LZV combitrains are pulled by LNG-powered trucks. This combination contributes to a significant reduction of CO2 emission whereby Vos Logistics confirms its position as a frontrunner in the field of sustainability..

Roy van Tilburg, Manager Domestic Transport & Service Deliveries at Vos Logistics: “The combitrain can be used in an LZV configuration as well as in a single city trailer, allowing us to use both trailers independently.  We have looked for a configuration which allows us to transport cargo from one distribution centre to another or to a shop as flexibly as possible. This vehicle is ideally suited for city distribution because of the loading flap and trailing axle. Next to clean and silent transport, it also ensures better utilization of the available capacity.”

Onkie de Senerpont Domis, Sales manager at Tracon: ‘’We are happy with this LZV combitrain to fit with n with the philosophy of Vos Logistics. On the one hand, through flexibility; on the other hand, through sustainability. Tracon trailers have been constructed for a long lifespan. This lifespan is achieved by the strong chassis and robust construction. The sliding system is maintenance-free and works by way of steel main beams which nest one inside the other. This system has the advantage that it doesn’t come at the expense of the internal height.

17 Oct
Silo moving and further extensions in Oss

Exciting developments at our location in Oss: for one of our long term customers we have moved eight silos from Germany to The Netherlands. Another state-of-the-art conditioning tower is currently being built.

The Vos Logistics bulk terminal in Oss focusses on dry bulk goods handling and storage for the non-food, food and feed markets. Here we handle both, bulk as well as packaged goods. For a leading producer of starch, Vos Logistics is now making the impossible possible. After thoroughly analyzing their supply chain covering several continents, we have made an effort to seriously reduce their complexity. By moving eight existing silos from Germany to The Netherlands, things are becoming much more straight-forward for our customer. The silos were recently moved over the road in an impressive convoy.

In addition to this, we are also building a new conditioning facility including a customized re-bulking machine for big bags. By doing so, we are creating a dustfree environment and increase the hygiene due to the fact that trucks are no longer required to enter the re-bulking area. This silo is a real state-of-the-art development since it has an integrated metal detector, a magnet and impressive sieves in order to minimalize the risk of any contamination.. While usually starch is filtered of up to a mesh of 5 mm , it is now possible to filter for parts as small as 350 µ ( 0,35 mm).

These operations result in a total of 16 silos at our facility in Oss which are equipped for this supply chain, providing room for large import and export activities at this bulk terminal. At Vos Logistics we aim to deliver the highest possible service at all times.

17 Oct
Vos Logistics divests Zozaya Cisternas to Panalon


  • Pañalon S.A. acquires 100% of shares of Zozaya Cisternas S.L.
  • Activities comprise local distribution of liquid chemicals in Spain
  • Buyout gives Vos Logistics room to focus on core dry-bulk business

Barcelona-based joint-venture Zozaya Cisternas S.L., has recently been divested by Vos Logistics, with the aim to further focus on its core activities in Europe: dry bulk logistics, value added services and transportation.

Until recently, Zozaya Cisternas was a joint venture of Vos Logistics (55%) and the family Zozaya (45%). The business activities focused on liquid transport, mainly for the Spanish domestic market. The Spanish liquid activities were earlier concluded by Vos Logistics to be no longer part of the strategic core business.

Marc van Alphen, Managing Director at Vos Bulk Logistics: “With our European dry bulk transport, our  bulk specialties and logistics predominantly in the Benelux, Germany and France, our strategic markets and activities lie elsewhere. We trust that Pañalon will be able to support the growth of the sound business activities of Zozaya Cisternas.”

Pañalon is planning on further extending their local distribution of liquid chemicals. Antonio Montero, CEO Pañalon S.A.: “We are pleased to be taking over Zozaya Cisternas, a long standing well-run family business with a good reputation in their market. This acquisition enables us to gain more efficiency in our domestic network and to provide even higher service standards to our customers.”

Juan Zozaya,: “The family business is put in good hands. While we still stay involved in the business, we make sure that our long-term customers experience continuity.”